Why Is My Fuel Tank Whining?

Rick’s Auto Center advises that if you hear whining noises coming from your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s fuel tank, the fuel pump is going bad. There’s no need to panic. We can replace the pump. Generally, you can expect to get 100,000 miles out of it. After this time, it is more likely to malfunction. Aside from whining noises, let’s talk about the other signs that your automobile needs a new fuel pump.

Poor Power Production

Unfortunately, the engine cannot produce power efficiently if it doesn’t have enough fuel in the combustion chamber. Consequently, a malfunctioning pump that is not pushing enough fuel into the engine will cause the engine to lose power when you are driving at high speeds and when the engine is under stress, such as driving up a very steep hill.

An Engine That Surges

Your engine could also start searching, however, if the pump is adding too much fuel to the engine. In this case, the engine will pick up speed in erratic spurts as the fuel is burned in the combustion chamber. This can make driving your automobile frustrating because you aren’t sure what it’s going to do next.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Both of these problems will cause a noticeable difference in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, the gas mileage will be reduced because even when the engine is struggling, it is burning more fuel. You will need to replace the faulty pump in order to restore your fuel economy.

Reduced Fuel Pressure

Another thing that will be reduced is the fuel pressure in the engine. In fact, you can test the pressure to see if it is low. If it is, it’s safe to say that the pump needs to be replaced. If you would prefer, bring your automobile to our shop and we will test the fuel pressure and inspect the pump.

Overheating Engine

A strange symptom of a malfunctioning fuel pump is your engine overheating when you drive your automobile. The pump has a motor of its own that can overheat if it doesn’t have enough fuel flowing over it. Unfortunately, this heat can get past into the engine and increase its temperature.

Hard Starts/No Starts

Finally, it is going to be difficult to start your automobile if the engine is being fuel-starved by a dying pump. Difficulty starting your vehicle suggests that there is enough fuel in the engine.

Call Rick’s Auto Center in Hamden, CT, today to schedule an appointment so we can test the fuel pump and replace it if necessary.

Photo by rukawajung from getty images via Canva Pro

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