Oil Changes And Maintenance

oil changes and maintenance

Most Hamden drivers know that the oil change is the most important service you can have performed on your vehicle. Most people learn this as they learn to drive, but it is something all drivers should know. This service, which is recommended for every 3,000 and 5,000 miles driven, is essential to keeping your car running the way you expect it to. But you’ve got a lot of choices when your car is due. Do you drive back to the dealership, where you will almost certainly be charged more? Or do you trust a quickie lube place or big box store to do the job? With such an essential preventative maintenance service, you only want to trust the very best. For the best oil change in Hamden, New Haven, or North Haven, CT, trust the experts at Rick’s Auto Center.

Oil Change Hamden CT

So when you bring your car for an oil change in Hamden, New Haven, or North Haven, CT, what does the team at Rick’s Auto Center actually do to your vehicle? It’s actually quite simple. Our team of techs will completely drain the oil from your car’s engine and replace it with a fresh batch of either conventional, semi-synthetic, or full synthetic oil. We will also take the time to remove and replace your oil filter, which is designed to wear out while it collects the gunk in your oil and prevents it from making it to your engine. We also perform a spot-check of various other parts of your vehicle and will take the opportunity to recommend any needed repairs. Many of our customers report that their cars seem to drive better after this service, so if you are up for an oil change in Hamden, New Haven, or North Haven, CT, bring your car to Rick’s Auto Center.

Preventative Maintenance Hamden CT

At Rick’s Auto Center, we also perform a full slate of automotive preventative maintenance services. Everything from the oil changes mentioned above to engine service, brake service, AC & heat service, and even the milestone 30/60/90k services your car needs. You can check for yourself what your car is due for by looking at the back of your owner’s manual. It will have a full list of recommended services and when they should be performed. If you are overdue, let Rick’s Auto Center help!

Oil Change Near Me

Whether you need preventative maintenance service or a simple oil change in Hamden, New Haven, or North Haven, CT, the experts at Rick’s Auto Center are here to help. Our team will have you back out on the road before you know it, in a car that drives better than ever before. Make an appointment today!

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