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Diagnostic testing

We use state of the art automotive diagnostic testing and monitoring equipment. When combined with our many years of experience our system lets us quickly find, diagnose and repair the problems with your vehicle.


Engine Tune-Up - Oil Change

Your car’sengine is made up of hundreds of complex components working together to make your vehicle run properly. Over time these components can wear out, resulting in a loss of performance and fuel economy.

A tune-up will make an engine easier to start, improve fuel economy, lower emissions and restore lost power. A service designed to help your vehicle’s engine run properly is the cleaning of fuel injectors and the fuel intake system. We perform fuel system cleaning that will remove deposits and help your vehicle maximize its performance and gas mileage.

From fixing a fuel system problem when it occurs to helping you prevent one from happening in the future, we can keep your engine “tuned-up” and ready to go.  

Exhaust System Services

We offer complete exhaust system inspection and services including mufflers and tailpipes, EGR & oxygen (O2) sensors, catalytic converters and all exhaust system hardware

Steering, Suspension, & Alignment

Have you ever had the feeling that your car wants to turn when you want to go straight? Or maybe you hit a bump and the car kept bouncing. Thatís not safe.

To maintain precise control of your car your suspension system must be in good repair. We have the know-how to diagnose and repair any steering, suspension, & alignment problem. You can count on us to make your ride as safe as it is smooth.

Brake Service

We examine your entire braking system to accurately determine exactly what problem you may have and which brake service will help you get you back on the road safely.